Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise
TJC is your Strategic Partner, & your interest is the Focus, and should always come FIRST. Our Philosophy in Building our Relationship with our Clients is derived from our Vision, Mission Statements and Values. In doing so we protect our Mutual Trust, and stress on delivering solutions that brings value to the businesses we serve.

Our Main Areas of Expertise includes but not limited to the following Areas:

  • Management Consulting:
Management is about going through four basic functions; planning, organizing, leading & controlling, in which all aim to best utilizing organizational resources to achieve a set of predetermined objectives & results. 
  • HR Consulting:
HR Consulting involve advising, and assisting client’s organizations on how to make the most out of their Human Capital. 
  • Human Resource Development: Training
Our training methodology and approach to transferring knowledge is constantly reviewed and updated. We ensure that we bring the most up to date teaching methods and techniques to our courses.
  • Organizational & Operational Excellence.(EFQM and other Methodologies)
  • Performance Management.(MBO, 360, BSC etc.)
  • Soft Skills: Leadership Development Programs, Change Management, Communication Skills, Legal, Team Building..etc.
  • HR Specialized Technical Training programs.