Certified HR Expert - CHRE

Certified Human Resources Expert - CHRE - IAPPD



Transforming HR from Tactical (Operational) to Strategic requires new thinking, models, practices & competencies. Today’s business demands that Organizations have capabilities of agility, speed, innovation, collaboration, talent, and resilience. Against these standards, traditional HR with a focus on administrative routines fails to deliver tasks, and keeps HR out from delivering Strategic Value.


This Program is designed for:

This Five Days Training Program is designed for HR Directors, Senior & HR Managers, Operational HR Managers, Organization Development, Training, & Manpower Planning Managers, & the Managers who are looking to deepening their Knowledge, & Skills in Strategic Human Resources Management.


Program Objectives:


By the end of this program participants will be able to:


  • Realize Traditional HR vs. Strategic HR.
  • Understand and Practice the Roadmap to Strategic HRM, associated with HR Functions in Strategic Lens.
  • Acquire a thorough Knowledge of HR Functions & Areas.
  • Describe the three levels of strategy formulation and comment on the links between business strategy and human resource management (HRM)
  • Describe the different roles that HR has to carry out to enable the smooth-running of the organization.
  • Explain the different responses that might take place to different requests from HR's customers.
  • Explain the meaning of strategic management and give an overview of its conceptual framework.
  • Enhance your ability to contribute to organizational success through the application of more effective HR policies and practices.


Method of Delivery


This is a highly interactive Program based on the application of theoretical concepts of HR; to practical situations that faced by HR Leaders. Participants will work in small groups throughout the course to apply the learning to real issues and HR Leaders challenges. Practical exercises and case studies will be used extensively during the course.

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